Photo Production

Client: White House Black Market

Campaign: Beat of Your Drum

Agency: Jed Root 

Photographer: Bill Gentle

Role: Producer

The Women Who Are Making It A Movement

We found 20 women to tell us (and the world) how they live to the beat of their drum.
Then we partnered with photographer Bill Gentle to capture their portraits. 
Here’s your chance to join these inspiring women and show us your individual style. 
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Name. Mia Jessup

Occupation. Actor/Trivia Host

What does 'Beat Of Your Drum' mean? 

It means making choices (on music, fashion, occupation, transportation, living situation, anything really) based on what makes you feel happiest and healthiest, and then not caring what anyone else thinks about those choices.

How do you live to the beat of your drum? 

By choosing to pursue an artistic career.

Name. Morgan Taylor Jones

Occupation. Singer/Songwriter/Model

What does 'Beat Of Your Drum' mean? 

Being true to and confident in yourself. Doing things without worrying what others may think of you.

How do you live to the beat of your drum? 

By being confident in myself.

Name. Helena Dunn

Occupation. Fashion and Textile Designer

What does 'Beat Of Your Drum' mean?

It means to live the life you love. Walk the path and take responsibility for the choices that you make.

How do you live to the beat of your drum?

I try to make choices that lead toward good goals. These days I’m working on a capsule collection with artisans in Nicaragua, and I want to help them build their business and support their local community through their craft.

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Name. Jennifer Dolan

Occupation. Retired V.P. of The New York Times

What does 'Beat Of Your Drum' mean?

Follow your heart and personal ambitions.

How do you live to the beat of your drum?

Take one day at a time and be positive.


Client: Mr. Porter

Campaign: This Weekend I'm Wearing

Agency: Jed Root 

Photographer: Bill Gentle

Role: Producer

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Client: Illy Coffee

Campaign: Illy Inspires

Agency: Yard NYC

Photographer: Bill Gentle

Role: Producer

What does it take to live your passion?

Watch three inspiring stories of creative entrepreneurs who have transformed creative inspiration into their life’s work.




Driven by the simple ambition to help people bring more of the outdoors in, Eliza Blank founded The Sill, a Chinatown-based shop that delivers hand-potted plants in New York City and across the country.




Hailing from New York City and Yorkshire England respectively, Jessica Barensfeld and Simon Howell combined a love of great beanies and respect for traditional craftsmanship to create Lynn and Lawrence, a line of lovingly hand-knit hats.



An alumnus of the Harrington College of Design in Chicago, Antonino Buzzetta started his design firm, Antonino Buzzetta Design, in 2010. Inspired by fashion, art and design, his interiors combine modern and traditional elements with bold colors to add depth and drama to any space.